Call for Presentations

Join us in Boca Raton and bring to life your work with Bayesian networks on our stage. The 2025 BayesiaLab Spring Conference promises rich insights into the latest in applied research using probabilistic graphic models and Bayesian networks. Besides, through enlightening courses and talks, immerse yourself in best practices with the BayesiaLab software platform.

Your platform choice, whether BayesiaLab or another, doesn't restrict your participation. We welcome entries from academia, government, industry, and solution providers, focusing on new applications, ongoing work, and capabilities within Bayesian networks.

Presentation Details

  • Date: March 6–7, 2025
  • Slot Duration: 30–45 minutes (including 5–15 minutes of Q&A)

Submission Requirements

  • Title
  • Presenter's name & affiliation
  • Abstract (max. 300 words)
  • High-resolution presenter photos (min. 500x500 pixels)
  • Presenter biography (max. 100 words per presenter)
  • Proposed format (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi)


  • Accepted abstracts will be showcased on the Bayesia website before the conference. All presentations will be recorded. By submitting, you consent to your presentation and its recording being shared on the Bayesia website and related social media platforms.

Perks of Presenting

  • All accepted presenters will enjoy a waived conference registration fee.

How to Submit

What to Expect

  • If you are attending a BayesiaLab Conference for the first time, please check out the archives from previous conferences:

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