Workflow 1

Workflow Instructions

  • Clicking Export produces a so-called Structural Prior Dictionary, which is a text file containing all arc attributes, i.e.,
    • Start and End of arc
    • Structural Prior for each arc
    • Arc Comment, which, in this context, contains the Explanation for the causal directions as obtained from ChatGPT.
  • We can now use this Structural Prior Dictionary as an Arc Dictionary and replace the original, machine-learned arcs with the ChatGPT-informed causal arcs.
  • First, select Graph Panel Contextual Menu > Delete All Arcs to remove all existing arcs.
  • Then, select Menu > Data > Associate Dictionary > Arc >Arcs.
  • The network now features the causal arc directions as obtained from ChatGPT.
  • With the final arc directions now in place, we should arrange the nodes into a more intuitive layout, i.e., positioning parent nodes above child nodes.
  • Select Menu > View > Layout > Genetic Grid Layout > Top-Down Repartition.
  • Note that the algorithm keeps searching for a better layout until you stop the process by clicking the red buttonto the left of the Progress Bar.
  • The network now displays the correct causal order of nodes and arcs.
  • Clicking the Show Arc Comment button in the Toolbar displays the comments on the arcs. The Arc Comments show the explanations for the causal directions retrieved from ChatGPT.

Workflow Video

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