Total Effect

Total Effect

Total Effect

  • The Total Effect (TE) is estimated as the derivative of the Target Node with respect to a Driver Node under study.

    TE(X,Y)=δYδXTE(X,Y) = \frac{{{\delta _Y}}}{{{\delta _X}}}

    where XX is the node of interest and YY is the Target Node.

  • The Total Effect represents the change in the mean of the Target Node associated with — and not necessarily caused by — a small modification of the mean of a Driver Node.

  • The Total Effect is the ratio of these two values.

Standardized Total Effect

  • The Standardized Total Effect (STE) represents the Total Effect multiplied by the ratio of the standard deviation of a Driver Node and the standard deviation of the Target Node.
STE(X,Y)=δYδX×σXσYSTE(X,Y) = \frac{{{\delta _Y}}}{{{\delta _X}}} \times \frac{{{\sigma _X}}}{{{\sigma _Y}}}

This means that Standardized Total Effect takes into account the “potential” of the driver under study.

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