Pearson's Correlation

Pearson Correlation


  • In BayesiaLab's approach to learning and analyzing Bayesian networks, statistical concepts play a secondary role compared to concepts from the field of Information Theory.
  • Nevertheless, statistical measures, such as correlation, can provide certain insights that are unavailable from non-statistical measures.


The Pearson Correlation Coefficient rr between two nodes XX and YY is defined as the covariance of the two corresponding variables divided by the product of their standard deviations:

R=cov(X,Y)σXσYR = \frac{{{\mathop{\rm cov}} (X,Y)}}{{{\sigma _X}{\sigma _Y}}}

Where the covariance is defined by:

cov(X,Y)=x,yp(x,y)×(VxvX)×(VyvY){\mathop{\rm cov}} (X,Y) = \sum\limits_{x,y} {p(x,y) \times ({V_x} - {v_X})} \times ({V_y} - {v_Y})

And the standard deviation:

σX=xpx×(VxvX)2{\sigma _X} = \sqrt {{{\sum\limits_x {{p_x} \times ({V_x} - {v_X})} }^2}}
  • Vx{{V_x}} is the value that is associated with the state xx.
  • vX{{v_X}} is the Expected Value of the node XX
  • px{{p_x}} is the marginal probability of state xx returned by the Bayesian network
  • p(x,y){p(x,y)} is the joint probability of states xx and yy returned by the Bayesian network

Special Considerations

  • For calculating the Pearson Correlation RR, BayesiaLab must use the values of node states.
  • In BayesiaLab, there are Discrete Nodes and Continuous Nodes with discretized numerical states. As a result, the value of a node's state may not always be apparent:
    • For Discrete Nodes that have states with integer or real values, BayesiaLab uses these numerical values directly.
  • For Discrete Nodes that have states without values, e.g., {red, green, blue}, BayesiaLab uses the indices of the states as values, i.e., {red, green, blue} would have the values {0, 1, 2} for the purpose of calculating RR. Note that the index of states starts at 0.
    • For Continuous Nodes, BayesiaLab uses these mean values of each interval.
  • Please see Mean, Value, and Standard Deviations for a detailed discussion.

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