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If you want to move the installation of your Single-User/Single-Machine License to a different computer, you need to follow this uninstallation/reset protocol.

* Do not uninstall BayesiaLab using the standard uninstall methods. * Do not reformat or repartition your local drive, install a new operating system, or recycle your computer before performing this uninstallation/reset protocol. * Failure to adhere to this protocol may permanently disable your license.

Uninstalling BayesiaLab from Your Current Computer

  • You need to be able to use your computer with Administrator rights.
  • On Windows computers, select "Run as administrator" for Windows users
  • Run the BayesiaLab Uninstallation program: Windows: \Program Files\Bayesia\unins000.exe

  • macOS: Applications/BayesiaLab/Uninstall.command
  • Select Yes when prompted to remove the activation key.

Automatic Uninstallation

  • If you do have an Internet connection, select "Automatic process" and click OK to uninstall BayesiaLab.

  • This will automatically send the Uninstallation Key to the Bayesia License Server and remove the BayesiaLab license from your current computer.

  • Upon completing this process, your Single-User/Single-Machine License can be installed and activated on a different computer using your original credentials.

​Manual Uninstallation

  • If you do not have an Internet connection, check the Manual process and click OK to uninstall the program and immediately obtain your Uninstallation Key on the screen.

  • Copy the Uninstallation Key (highlighted in red) from the uninstallation window.

  • You need to formally submit this Uninstallation Key to Bayesia, which can be done in two ways:

  • Alternatively, you can submit your Uninstallation Key to Bayesia by emailing
  • Once the Bayesia License Server receives the Uninstallation Key, your Single-User/Single-Machine License can be installed on a different computer using your original credentials.
By default, you can uninstall and then reinstall BayesiaLab no more than twice a year. Please contact us if you require additional resets.

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