Comment Generator

Comment Generator


  • Hellixia's Comment Generator is similar to the Dimension Elicitor.
  • In the case of the Dimension Elicitor, Hellixia creates new nodes.
  • With the Comment Generator, Hellixia retrieves Dimension Names and the related Comments from ChatGPT and adds them automatically to the Node Comment.

Usage & Example

  • Create a node representing the subject of interest, e.g., "Judea Pearl."
  • Select Toolbar > Node Creation Mode
  • Move your pointer to the desired location to place your new node on the Graph Panel.
  • Give the node a meaningful name representing the subject to be studied, i.e., "Judea Pearl."* You can also add a Node Long Name and a Node Comment to provide more information.
  • Select the newly-created node, and then select Menu > Hellixia > Comment Generator, which brings up the Comment Generator window.
  • There is a range of settings you need to specify in the Comment Generator window:
    • Under Question Settings,
      • Specify the Keyword from the dropdown menu.
      • If needed, stipulate the maximum number of responses per Keyword.
      • Select the Completion Model from the dropdown menu, e.g., GPT_35 or GPT_4.
    • Under Context,
      • Open a Knowledge File, if available.
      • Provide a General Context for the query. In our example, use "Artificial Intelligence."
    • Under Main Subject of the Query, select all fields that contain relevant information for the query, i.e., Node Name, Node Long Name, and Node Comment. Check all that apply. Both the Node Long Names and Node Comments are optional properties. If they're selected but not defined for a given node, Hellixia will use the Node Name by default.
    • Click Submit Query, and Hellixia retrieves the responses from ChatGPT and lists them in a table at the bottom of the Comment Generator window.
  • The Subject Node column displays the main subject of the query.
  • The Keyword column lists the keyword used for the Dimension retrieved in that row.
  • The Index column assigns an index to each Dimension retrieved for a Keyword.
  • The Comment column further describes the Dimension retrieved.
  • The Keep column indicates which Keyword/Dimensions row to keep.
  • Under Output Settings, specify what part of the results table will be added to the Node Comment.
  • Checking Dimension Name and Comment and Concatenate Output to Current Comment, you will obtain a Comment like this, which you can see in the Node Editor.

Workflow Illustration

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