• After starting BayesiaLab for the first time, you will be prompted for your Client Identifier (or Client ID).
  • The Client Identifier in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX was provided to you in the Account Information email.

Automatic Activation

  • Check the "Automatic process" box and click OK to proceed.
  • BayesiaLab now communicates with the Bayesia License Server to validate your license.\
  • If everything is OK, BayesiaLab starts up immediately and is ready for use.

Manual Activation

  • In case the Automatic Activation is not possible, e.g., if your computer is not directly connected to the Internet for security reasons, check the box for Manual process and click OK.

The next screen prompts you to perform the Manual Activation via the Bayesia License Server.

The window provides several important pieces of information:

  • Copy the Client Identifier, the Product Code, and leave this window open. You need to return to it once you have obtained the Activation Key.
  • Go to any computer that has an Internet connection — a tablet or smartphone will suffice, and open this page in a browser: (opens in a new tab)
  • On this page, enter the Client Identifier.
  • Enter the Product Code (from the still-open window on the computer where you are installing BayesiaLab)* Retrieve the Activation Password from the Account Information email.
  • Click Activate.

  • The next page shows you the Activation Key/License Key.

  • Copy this Activation Key/License Key.
  • Return to the computer on which you are activating BayesiaLab
  • The Manual Activation window should still be open.
  • Paste the copied Activation Key/License Key into the Activation Key field.
  • Click OK to start BayesiaLab.

Periodic License Reactivation

  • A Single-User/Single-Machine License must be activated/reactivated once per license term, typically once a year.
  • For most users, this means clicking OK when the Automatic Activation prompt comes up at the beginning of a new license term.

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