BayesiaLab Conferences

BayesiaLab Conferences

The annual BayesiaLab conference stands out as the premier global event dedicated to research, analytics, and application of Bayesian networks. What started in 2013 in Orlando, Florida, as a modest gathering has now blossomed into a global event, drawing attendees from various corners of the world. 2022 marked an unforgettable chapter for us as we celebrated the 10th Annual BayesiaLab Conference. Reflecting the growing interest in our subjects, we've decided to transition from an annual to a biannual schedule.

BayesiaLab Conference in Paris

Understanding Bayesian Networks in Action

Judea Pearl introduced the world to Bayesian networks in the 1980s. Since then, their mathematical and statistical strengths have been embraced in computer science. Yet, it's only of late that their immense capabilities as a versatile research tool, extending beyond just computer science, have come to the forefront. The primary aim of our conference is to champion the practical deployment of Bayesian networks across research, analytics, and problem-solving.

Join us and dive deep into the myriad practical applications of Bayesian networks, spanning from architecture to zoology and everything in between. A highlight for many returning attendees is the conference's interdisciplinary nature. For instance, one might discover that a groundbreaking medical research method might also be a perfect fit for a challenge in marketing science and vice versa.

Embracing the BayesiaLab Spirit

From its inception in Orlando in 2013, this conference has become more than just another academic gathering. Over the years, it has fostered a diverse community comprising researchers and professionals from various domains. This mix often results in unexpected partnerships, like military planners teaming up with market analysts. Given the evolving nature of Bayesian networks, nearly all attendees are in a continuous learning process, with only a handful considering themselves specialists. So, if you're a newcomer, you'll fit right in as we embark on this enlightening journey together.

The BayesiaLab Conference Archive

Watch hundreds of hours of presentation videos from BayesiaLab Conferences since 2013.

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