BayesiaLab Installation Guide

BayesiaLab Installation


BayesiaLab is Java-based and can be installed on a wide range of operating systems, including Windows (32/64-bit), Mac OS X (64-bit, Intel and ARM), and Unix/Linux (32/64-bit). Convenient installer packages are available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Two principal types of licenses are available: the traditional single-user/single-machine license (SUSM) and a token-based floating license, which is intended for workgroups.

Single User/Single Machine License

A Single User/Single Machine (SUSM) license is directly linked to the user’s computer. As part of the activation process, the user’s computer will be uniquely associated with the SUSM license (see installation instructions for Single-User License).

Single-User/Single-Machine License Installation

Floating/Token Licenses (Network Licensing)

As an alternative to SUSM licenses, Floating Licenses are available via the Bayesia License Server (BLS). This type of licensing defines the number of concurrent users of the software. Each time the user launches the software, a request will be sent automatically to the BLS to obtain an available license token. If no token is available, the requesting user must wait until a token is released unless the requesting user has priority over the current user. Two kinds of tokens are available:

  1. Continental Tokens are defined by three major geographical areas, as defined by their time zones:
    • “NCSA” (North, Central and South America): GMT-12 to GMT -2
    • “EMEA” (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa): GMT-1 to GMT+3
    • “APAC” (Asia Pacific): GMT+4 to GMT+12
  2. Worldwide Tokens, without geographical restrictions.

Floating Token License Installation

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