Bayesialab 7

BayesiaLab 7.0: New Features & Updates (10/2017)

Here is a small selection of new or updated features released in BayesiaLab 7.0:

  • Using [Confidence Intervals](/Users/stefanconrady/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-BayesiaUSA/ClickHelp Backup/project-backup_bayesialab_2024-06-07_08-24-26/HTML/18350258.html), you can analyze the estimated (conditional) distributions of your machine-learned networks.
  • [Resampling](/Users/stefanconrady/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-BayesiaUSA/ClickHelp Backup/project-backup_bayesialab_2024-06-07_08-24-26/HTML/18351502.html) allows you to measure the variability of your estimations with Jackknife, Data Perturbation and Bootstrap, as well as the quality of your learning configurations with K-Fold.
  • You can examine your Bayesian network models in three dimensions with the new [3D Mapping tool](/Users/stefanconrady/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-BayesiaUSA/ClickHelp Backup/project-backup_bayesialab_2024-06-07_08-24-26/HTML/18350262.html).
  • You can now leverage the power and flexibility of [Function Nodes](/Users/stefanconrady/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-BayesiaUSA/ClickHelp Backup/project-backup_bayesialab_2024-06-07_08-24-26/HTML/18350265.html) with BayesiaLab's optimization tools.
  • [GIS Mapping](/Users/stefanconrady/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-BayesiaUSA/ClickHelp Backup/project-backup_bayesialab_2024-06-07_08-24-26/HTML/18350338.html) allows you to visualize your data and inference results on Google maps.
  • New options are available for [Data Clustering](/Users/stefanconrady/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-BayesiaUSA/ClickHelp Backup/project-backup_bayesialab_2024-06-07_08-24-26/HTML/18351067.html), including Heterogeneity, Multi-Net, and Random Weights, which help you find better solutions for data segmentation tasks.

BayesiaLab 7.0 presented at the 5th BayesiaLab Conference

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