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Bayesia Blog

 Jan 08, 2020

Advanced BayesiaLab Course in Singapore

In addition to the introductory course in Singapore, February 5–7, we just scheduled an advanced course for February 10–12 at the same location.  With...
 Dec 23, 2019

Crime & Punishment in the Age of AI.

Please join our free seminar in Washington, D.C., on January 21: Bayesian Networks — Artificial Intelligence for Judicial Reasoning.  
 Dec 12, 2019

Law & Order with Bayesian Networks

Law & order with Bayesian Networks: Today, we hosted our second workshop on probabilistic reasoning and causal inference for law professionals in New ...
 Dec 09, 2019

Introductory BayesiaLab Course in New York

Meet us in Midtown Manhattan: It is not too late to sign up for the introductory BayesiaLab course that starts tomorrow, December 10th, at the Chrysle...
 Dec 05, 2019

What's New in BayesiaLab 9?

BayesiaLab 9 is here! You can download the new version as of today.  Since 2001, BayesiaLab has been the undisputed reference standard for Bayesian ne...
 Dec 02, 2019

Bayesian Networks in 2D, 3D, and VR

Not just a pretty picture! With BayesiaLab, you can reason with your Bayesian networks in 2D, 3D, and Virtual Reality. Stay tuned for the imminent rel...
 Dec 01, 2019

Where in the World is Lionel Jouffe?

Sydney, Singapore, New York, Boston, Seattle, Dubai, Washington, Toronto, and Paris are just a few of our course locations in 2020! So, there is no ex...
 Nov 26, 2019

Law Seminar in New York City

"Bayesian networks are the natural and ideal language for jurisprudence. They can subsume laws, evidential reasoning, and causal inference. To this da...
 Nov 22, 2019

Bayes' Rule and the Law

New York lawyers debating Bayesian networks: yesterday's seminar on Judicial Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence was certainly thought-provoking. Gi...